Annandale Uniting Church
Growing a Community of Hope

Our Meeting Place

Our church has been on its site on Johston Street for over 100 years - first as Annandale Methodist Church and, since 1977, as Annandale Uniting Church. It is a great testimony to the faith of many Christians who have gone before us.

Read more about our property in the attached poster.

Conservation Appeal - Thank you!

Starting in February and completing in May 2005 has been a project to repair and protect the front stained glass windows and carry out basic preliminary repairs to the stonework of the façade.

While this project has only made marginal improvements to the look of the stonework, it will limit further damage being done and prepare the way for future restoration work. The stained glass windows have been fully repaired and are now protected by brass mesh.

We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed - either through direct donations or by participating in our street stalls and other fund-raising activities.

Some Project Details

The NSW Heritage Office is providing a $40,000 grant toward this project, with the remainder being met by fundraising and donations from the church and community.

Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners Pty Ltd are Heritage Specialists for the project; they have also prepared a Conservation Management Plan for the property.

We welcome involvement from others in the local community. In conjunction with the National Trust of Australia we are conducting a Conservation Appeal for the property restoration. Donations to this Appeal are tax deductible. Please see our appeal form to make a donation - please get donations in quickly, as we can only accept them up until the end of the project.