Annandale Uniting Church
Growing a Community of Hope

Our Ministry

At Annandale Uniting Church we believe in having a real relationship with God. We do this in many ways and draw on many things that Christians throughout the ages have taught us.

Developing your Relationship with God

Our spirituality depends on each of us having a personal relationship with God. We encourage each other to develop this relationship by:

Our worship services encourage us in these things - they include teaching from the Bible and prayer ministry. We meet every Sunday at 9:30am at 81 Johnston Street Annandale - and visitors are most welcome. Come along - and be sure to stay for morning tea afterwards!

We also have small groups from time to time - usually in a series that involves one night a week for a few weeks. We encourage people to be involved in "prayer partnerships", where two people meet every few weeks to pray for each other, the church and the world around us.

Living in Community

It's vital for Christians to encourage each other. We have a strong sense of being committed to one another - to rejoice together when things are going well, and to help out when things are not so good. Some activities that help this happen are:

We also support each other through informal networks of friendship and sharing.

Reaching Out to the World

Christians should also make a difference in the world around us. This means helping others in need and letting people know how wonderful it is to have a relationship with God.

We have regular programs for giving to others in need. Our Sunday School has a regular "project" for which the kids donate money they have earned. So far they have given money to provide a pig, a goat, a cow, a toilet, a tin-trunk library, a well and schooling for someone for a year. They are an inspiration to all of us.

We want others to be aware of how much God means to us. We encourage each other to be open about our faith. We also have other activities - such as street stalls - that let the local community know that God is alive and relevant in the inner west.